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Tips to Find a Sober Ride

Plan ahead.

Before you start drinking, know how you’re getting home. Planning ahead can save you time, money and even someone’s life. Even one life lost is too many.

Take turns as a designated driver.

Whether you’re heading out for a night out with buddies or meeting up with coworkers for happy hour, take one vehicle with a designated driver. This will save you on parking fees and ensures your friends will not get behind the wheel after drinking. Remember, the designated driver is the one who has not consumed any alcohol. No one wants a DWI, which could cost you up to $17,00 in fines and fees, a night in jail and the loss of your driver’s license for up to a year.

Use a rideshare service.

Leave your car at home and call a rideshare service to and from the bar. Be prepared by having the rideshare app downloaded on your phone and your phone battery fully charged before going out. Don’t risk a DWI, or worse.

Call a friend for help.

Friends and family members are a good option for a sober ride home. A call asking for a ride home from the bar is much better than a call asking to be bailed out of jail after getting a DWI.

Talk to your bartender.

Ask the bartender to secure you a sober ride home. Bar staff are happy to help their customers get home safely, and some bars even have cards to place on the windshields of cars left in their parking lot overnight to make sure they’re still there in the morning.

Other Alternatives to Driving Drunk
Don’t drink.

No matter the case, don’t feel like you have to drink to enjoy your evening out, especially if you know you’ll be driving yourself home.

Sleep it off.

We know that not everyone who gets pulled over or crashes due to impaired driving is coming from a bar. Many are coming from house parties, family gatherings or holiday celebrations and going back to their home that’s “just a few streets down.” If you’re at or close to a friend’s house, ask if you can sleep on their couch until the alcohol has worn off.

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