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Alcohol makes me sleepy. I went out with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends to a bar. I'm the type of person people say "can't hang," and it's true. However, this night I kept drinking. It was 2 in the morning and everyone was hungry. All I wanted to do was lie down. My boyfriend drove to IHOP. By the time we left, it was 5 in the morning, and I was driving. I dropped everyone off, and less than a mile from home I fell asleep behind the wheel and rear-ended an intoxicated man. My car was totaled, and I went to the hospital with internal bruises. No one was seriously hurt, thank God, but this could have been avoided. Everyone knows I fell asleep behind the wheel, but no one knows I fell asleep because I was drunk. Since then I only have the daily limit of two drinks. At times I don’t drink at all because I’m scared.

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