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I am a senior at the University of Dallas. I went out for Mardi Gras with my friends, and my whole life changed. My friend was taking me home when he crashed into a bridge not even five minutes from the bar. He was four times the legal limit. I have no recollection of the crash--all I remember is leaving the bar, and the next thing I know, I'm in a hospital. I fractured one hip and dislocated the other, lost three front teeth, and fractured my jaw. They had to wire my jaws, and I had to stop going to school, delaying my chances of graduating from college.

“I should have died
that night.”

I was unable to move for a week and was on crutches for three months. I am slowly getting back to normal through physical therapy, though I will have jaw surgery and braces. I should have died that night, but I didn't. I will never take life for granted.

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