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On July 25, 2010, Travis was 21 and riding in a car driven by a drunk driver when it crashed. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for four months. Doctors said he would never walk or communicate the same way again. But after two years of hard work, it’s a miracle that Travis can now walk with assistance. Because of his continuing recovery, his mom calls him Superman.

“Unfortunately, insurance
will no longer allow him to
be in a rehab facility where
he really needs to be.”

Still, Travis is unable to talk or eat. Most would probably see the most difficult of these limitations as being the inability to talk or the walking, but it is not. Not being able to eat is horrible. The world revolves around food–eating together, going to restaurants, talking about food–and it's just horrible to have something as simple as this that we all take for granted being taken from you.

Travis continues to maintain an amazing attitude though, and he works harder than anyone I've ever known in my life. Unfortunately, insurance will no longer allow him to be in a rehab facility where he really needs to be.

One night, one bad decision...and not just HIS life, but the lives of our ENTIRE family have been changed forever.

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